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Red Angus & Whisnand Farms Red Angus: FAQs

One Of Our Dams

How did the Red Angus breed originate?

Red Angus cattle derive from the occasional red calves produced from Aberdeen Angus.  With the exception of hide color there is basically no difference in these two breeds which originated in Scotland.  For detailed information on the history of Red Angus cattle visit the Red Angus Association.

What are the strengths of the Red Angus breed?

Red Angus cattle produce high quality beef that the public is demanding today.  When shopping at the grocery markets today "angus" beef is easily recognized as the highest quality available.  The red color is the most popular color of cattle breeds world wide.  Red Angus provides uniformity of color when used in cross breeding systems.  The recessive red gene has the advantage of always producing red offspring when bred to red breeds.  The red color reflects sunlight better than black and thus they are better equipped to handle heat in warm climates.

These cattle produce small calves at birth with a high level of vigor to enhance their growth potential and the mother cows have strong maternal instincts with well known milk producing ability.

Last but not least, they have perhaps the most gentle disposition of all the beef breeds.  They are easy to "work" whether you are an experienced cattle producer or new to the industry.

Why is the Red Angus breed exploding in popularity?

Plain and simple - performance. Everyone knows that they work great in the pasture with highly maternal mothers, excellent fertility and wonderful temperament. Where they outperform their black counterparts is how they gain in the feedlot. Red Angus sired calves typically reach their harvest weights 40-45 days faster. That equates to a serious savings for the feedlot or producers that retain ownership of calves all the way to the rail.

Don't let anyone tell you that black cattle bring more at the sale barn or on video sales. It used to be the case many years ago but that paradigm died a long time ago. Red Angus sired calves bring more per pound on a regular basis.

Where is Whisnand Red Angus Farms located?

We are located in Northeast Texas approximately 70 miles north of Dallas and 20 miles south of the Oklahoma border from the Red River at Denison, Texas.  We have easy access to Highways 75, 69, 121 and are approximately 1 hour east of I-35E at Gainesville, Texas.  Please see our Directions Page for maps and detailed directions to the farm.

What are EPD’s?

It stands for Expected Progeny Difference.  These numbers are the expected differences (in trait units, usually expressed in lbs. or %) in performance of a bull or cow's progeny when those progenies are compared to the progeny of a sire or dam with an EPD of zero for the trait in question.  EPD values are relative.  They do not indicate absolute levels of performance.  Rather, they can be used to compare expected progeny performance of different bulls or dams. For a more detailed study of EPD’s please refer to our EPD Page  for maps and detailed directions to the farm



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