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Whisnand Red Angus Farm

Herd Sire Battery

We have invested heavily in purchasing outstanding bulls that we believe are the type of herd bulls that have the potential to be game changers. These bulls were purchased with some of our partners in The Red Alliance program.

This group of bulls is one of the most powerful line ups that you will find anywhere in the country!

Gilchrist High Endurance – This herd sire is our most recent addition.  He was Lot 5, the $27,500 high seller at Red Alliance in the Spring 2017 sale.  We are very excited about the potential this prospect provides.  Purchased in partnership with John Davis, Wickman Farms, Steele Caps Cattle Company and Star G Ranch.
We believe that he is one of the most well-balanced sires in the breed today with 10 EPD’s in the top 30% of the breed.  He is in the top 10% of the breed for Herd Builder and his numbers continue to rise in EPD values.

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HXC Syndicate P 707 5013C - comes from Hueftle Cattle Company where he sold as Lot 19 in 2016 to Wickman Farms, Whisnand Red Angus and John Davis. Below you will find the pedigree of this calving ease, high growth performance specialist that is put together as good as any AI sire on the market today. His sire is none other than the immortal Beckton Nebula P P707.

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5L Independence 189-152C – Purchased in partnership with Wickman Farms and Macek Acres.  This large frame Independence son from 5L Red Angus was our top target in 5L’s 2016 Spring Sale. We had targeted this herd sire prospect because we thought he was perfect in complementing our respective cow herds. It could not have been a more perfect fit.

His sire, 5L Independence 560-298Y, is one of the most popular sires in the breed.  He is one of the most heavily used AI sires in the Red Angus breed for a good reason, his EPD values continue to climb. This Independence son has big time performance ratios, and a very famous cow family at 5L. His maternal granddam 1687 is one of the best Destination daughters to eat grass anywhere.

Our ultra calving ease specialist is BECKTON WARRIOR D832 J6 for use on our first calf heifers and where we want to moderate higher birthweight genetics on mature cows.

Whisnand Red Angus

In the Spring of 2018 we made the decision to search for bulls with prominent performance in carcass traits with a specific emphasis on breed leading performance in Ribeye scans as well and EPD values.  As a result we purchased the following two bulls with our long time partners at Wickman Farms.  It is important to emphasize that we were not going to sacrifice many other economically relevant traits that we demand in our herd lineup. 

We believe that these two bulls strongly complement our already strong line up.  We have not collected semen on these sires but intend to do so in the near future.

HXC 7709 E – Outstanding physical make up.  Very correct on his feet and legs.  Scanned a whopping 17.46 REA at a yearling weight of 1353 #’s.  He ranks in the top 1% for Gridmaster, 4% for WW, 1% for YW and ADG, 15% for Stay and 1% for REA.

Whisnand Red Angus

HXC 7026 E – This herd sire is the result of outcross breeding with Angus genetics in order to add fresh bloodlines into the Red Angus breed.  It was a great combination and the result is nothing short of outstanding.  See the photo of his sire, Spur Franchise of Garton, below. 

He is another example of a well-designed and highly functional herd sire with outstanding results with actual performance and top of the breed EPD’s.  He had a yearling weight of 1292#’s with a ribeye scan at an outstanding 15.91 REA.  His dam has a whopping 103.74 MPPA – she is doing her job and it shows with this sire.  He is in the top 6% for Gridmaster, 1% for MARB and REA (what a rare combination)!

Whisnand Red Angus

 3J One Of A Kind A228 - In the Spring of 2015 we purchased 3J One of A King A228 at the Red Alliance sale in Shawnee, Oklahoma. This acquisition was made in partnership with Star G Ranch and Mathes Farms. We are using this sire heavily in our AI program. Multiple semen interests have sold with only a few packages still available. He possesses that wonderful combination of calving ease, powerful growth and marbling. Collectively we believe that this herd sire is going to be the type of bull that will elevate the Red Angus gene pool.  We are very excited by the results of progeny produced by this sire.

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