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Whisnand Red Angus Farm...

We're All About Red Angus Cattle

Karen WhisnandWhisnand Red Angus Farm is located in northeast Texas near the community of Whitewright. Our farm is approximately an hour and a half northeast of Dallas, Texas. For our Oklahoma neighbors, we are a short 20 mile drive south of Durant, Oklahoma.
Whisnand Red Angus
Karen and Brian on the block for a Red Alliance sale with our good friend, Red Alliance partner and auctioneer, Kyle Gilchrist.

Building Red Angus Herds with Quality Cows
We have focused on building our Red Angus herd with high quality cows that have exceptional pedigrees and well balanced EPD's. Most of our cows are direct daughters of breed leading A. I. (artificial cattle insemination) sires. Our goal is to produce high quality Red Angus bulls and heifers for commercial operators and seed stock producers.

As mentioned on our Home page we are active members of the Red Alliance and place our bulls on test each year with approximately 100 bulls from our fellow members. These bulls are fed a growing ration that is intended to develop the bulls at a reasonable pace and yet allow them to express their true genetic potential.

Home-Grown Red Angus Heifers

Our heifers are raised and developed here at the farm.

Our ultimate goal is to produce cattle that are functionally sound with moderate frames and are able to withstand the heat we experience here in the Deep South. We are striving toward producing cattle that can meet tough environmental demands and excel in performance.

Drop In & Say Hello!
We love having visitors stop by the farm and view our operation, so please give us a call if you are going to be in the area.


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